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1. What is  Aquateax Marine flooring Solutions?

Aquteax is a yacht flooring manufacturer dealing with orders for the needs of shipyards and retail customers.

2. What is the difference between classic teak and Aquateax floors?

Classic, wooden teak should be oiled 3/4 times a season so as not to lose the color of the wood, it is four times more expensive than Aquateax floors, with wet feet it is easy to slip on the wood and risk injury or fall into the water. Our yacht floors are pleasant to the touch, non-slip, easy to clean, and cheap to maintain.

3. How to clean Aquateax floors?

The floors are very easy to clean, as they do not absorb liquids,   to clean the dirt, all you need is a detergent, e.g. washing liquid, a brush with soft bristles and a bit of willingness.

4. Do you issue invoices?

For each order - both a single element, for example a helmsman seat, and multiple panels - the store issues an invoice in PDF format. Invoices are sent to the e-mail address indicated in the order of floors for boats / yachts.

You can express your desire to receive a paper invoice by sending such a request by e-mail to the following address: or by entering it in the comments to the order of laminate flooring or other products.

5. What is the order fulfillment time?

We consider the order to be started from the moment of paying the proforma in the amount of 30% of the order value. From a given day, the predictable lead time is two weeks depending on the season. In the spring and summer season, the period may be longer.

6. What is the cost of delivery?

Most orders for our yacht floors and other accessories are carried out through courier companies. Whether a shipment is sent as a package or on a pallet is determined not only by the dimensions and weight of the ordered product.

7. Do you provide an additional discount on orders?

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we make every effort to ensure that the prices we offer are as favorable as possible.

We offer wholesale purchases for larger floor orders

Please contact us by e-mail:

8. Will I receive an invoice with a deferred payment date?

We offer deferred payment terms to regular customers and budgetary units.

Such an order is carried out on the basis of a scan of a document with a stamp and signature of the person responsible for orders for floors for yachts.

9. What are the floor panels for yachts made of?

The offered floors are made of the highest quality EVA foam, resistant to UV rays, oils and greases. The material is easy to clean, no liquid leaves any traces on it.

10. What are the functions of the floor panels?

One of the most important aspects is safety, the yacht panels are made of non-slip material that eliminates the possibility of any slipping. Yacht flooring dramatically changes the look of your yacht, your boat becomes prestigious.

11. Will I find my boat in your offer?

The modern floors we offer are characterized by diversity, finish, aesthetics  and functionality. It is also time to forget about the traditional brown color as the only option, we present a palette of optimistic, vivid colors, among which you will surely find a model that fits perfectly into the interior of your choice. Please contact us by e-mail to get acquainted with the database of ready-made projects.

12. What size is the largest item possible?

We are not afraid of any size, every detail is agreed individually with the client.

13. Is the base pattern of a teak strip the only possible variant of milling?

We have a huge range of milling patterns, each client receives a maritime consulting service from us, thanks to an experienced team we select the appropriate pattern for a given yacht or boat. Each change is consulted with the client.

14. Will the floor panels come off after the season?

We answer no right away! You can trust us that it is not easy to peel off our panels due to color changes.

15. Where is Aquateax located?

You will also find us in the picturesque land of Warmia and Mazury, the capital of Masuria, the city of Ełk.

16. Can I order samples of yacht floors?

Of course, samples will be shipped within the working week. If a floor for a yacht is ordered, the cost of the sampler will be deducted from the order for the floor.

17. Can I order my own logo on the floor?

We are pleased to announce that it is possible! As a Polish manufacturer, we can introduce any suggestions and additions to the project.

17. What is the range of services?

We carry out orders all over Poland, the distance to the customer is of no less importance. Cities in which we have implemented projects:

Warmińsko-Mazurskie- Ełk, Giżycko, Pisz, Węgorzewo, Ostróda, Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida, Ryn, Mikołajki, Iława, Olsztyn, Elbląg,

Podlaskie- Białystok, Łomża,

Mazowieckie-Warsaw, Nieporęt, Zegrze, Serock, Białobrzegi,

Zachodnio-Pomorskie- Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Darłowo, Ustka,

Małopolska- Kraków, Myślenice, Nowy Sącz, Pszczyna.

Not your town above? Contact us and we'll be happy to discover more motorboating reservoirs!

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